The Art of stewarding relationships well.

About The Author

Hi, I’m Bob.I help people discover how honor can transform their lives & organizations.

I am a businessman and a leadership consultant. My greatest passion is strengthening leaders and their organizations, with a specific focus on developing sound organizational structure, fiscal responsibility, and dynamic relationships on leadership teams.


“I’m not even done with the book yet but I wanted to say that it is absolutely amazing and I can’t put it down. I pray that every business owner or anyone wanting to open a business in the near future read this book! It’s given me an incredible amount of motivation and hope. I am so excited to see what comes after reading and applying it!”


“Excellent book which gives one a better insight into living all of life - personal and business - in a manner of honoring the King by way of understanding Kingdom principles. It is also an opportunity to discover a deeper sense of knowing who we are as sons and daughters of Father God, our Creator.”

Chris WhyteA must read!

“This book is one of the most applicable and impacting books I have read in years! No matter your line of work or level of leadership, the principles outlined in The Business of Honor are clear, encouraging, and easy to implement. Bob Hasson, with Danny Silk, shines a clear light on blindspots that so many leaders have and can easily miss. Then, with grace and encouragement, he provides paths to leading and living in greater honor, influence, and excellence. While reading I found myself challenged and changed and I'm excited to live a life that better represents the heart of the Father. This powerful book is more than just a tool for professional relationships but also a beneficial guide for living a life of honor as well. Immediately after finishing it, I bought more copies to give away. It's too good not to share!”

Reverend SunshineNot just for business people.

“Not only is this an excellent business book, it is also an excellent relationship book. The stories are inspiring, the suggestions are practical and the writing style is engaging. You don't have to be in business to benefit from this book because it is a real lesson in how to relate to people well. It takes some of the most important principles of creating connection, honor and respect in relationships and applies them to the business realm.”

D. McCoyAwesome read for anyone looking to prosper in every area of their life.

“You don’t need to be a business owner to benefit from the abundance of wisdom in this book. The author speaks from his own experience, and prophetic insight gained from his close walk with his God, living & walking out Proverbs 3:5-10. That being said, you don’t need to be a Christian to benefit from this book, because the principles here apply to to all who want to succeed in not just business but all your relationships. However if you’re looking for a list of “principles” or a concise do’s & dont’s you wont find it here. Quite the opposite. The experience & knowledge the author gained from growing a business that started with just himself to a multi million dollar “tree of life” employing people in multiple states are very generously shared here. I loved reading this book and from the very first chapter I could not put it down. Its filled with personal stories about his very successful company and how he overcame the many different challenges that come with that, through relationship, connection, integrity & what exactly that looks like. I was edified, inspired & challenged. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to prosper in life.”